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Milnor squares, exact contexts, and recollements of derived categories
惠昌常 教授(四川大学)
2021年12月8日10:00-11:00  腾讯会议:993 706 023 密码:2021

*主持人:胡乃红 教授

In the talk we will survey constructions of recollements of derived module categories. This is done by introducing exact contexts and their noncommutative tensor products. Special cases of exact contents are Milnor squares and extensions of algebras. Employing exact contexts, we construct universal localizations and characterize the homological ones in terms of the data of exact contexts. In such a way, we establish new methods to obtain recollements of derived categories of rings.

惠昌常, 首都师范大学特聘教授, 博士生导师; 获德国“年轻杰出学者洪堡奖”、教育部科技进步二等奖; 师从德国Claus Micheal Ringel教授学习表示论, 长期从事代数表示论 及其相关课题的研究, 多次参加和主持国家自然科学基金重点项目; 任国际数学刊物《Journal of Algebra》、《Archiv der Mathematik》志编委。